Are the data truly safe?


We have integrated a lot of security technologies into Password Safe to save and protect your data from access without authority.

Following an overview of security technologies used in Password Safe:

  • We only use standardized and absolute safe algorithms AES (256 Bit) and RSA (1024 Bit).
  • By hash-algorithms the full strength is used for the encryption. Thus, Brute-Force-Attacks are complicated.
  • By the use of password guidelines only secure passwords are accepted, e.g. for the master password of the data base. The password guidelines can be adjusted to your desires and can also be used for forms (entry masks).
  • Every password array (that means all boxes with asterisk) have an integrated protection. The data are kept encrypted in the memory. The readout of the arrays with "Password Revealer" is not possible, because not the data are in that array, but only asterisks. These password arrays have an additional key logger protection, which refuses access to most of the software-key loggers. Also at many password arrays a screen keyboard is available, which can optionally be used with randomly generated arrangements.
  • For the automatic password entry on the Internet Explorer and Windows Dialogs (Controls) we offer two ways, that no key logger can supervise.
  • For the automatic password entry via our Script-Engine and shortcuts we have as well integrated a blocker for key logger.
  • The clipboard is supervised by Password Safe. If you pass data from Password Safe to the clipboard you will be informed about programs, which supervise the clipboard, and you can terminate the action, uniquely allow it, or also license the software permanently/or exclude it.
  • Security relevant data will be encrypted in the memory (e.g. master password) and also deleted again from the memory securely by overwriting. Same also applies to documents, which will be saved by you on the fixed disc, these will also be deleted securely by the Gutmann-Method.
  • There are many security options for the setting of the display of passwords. So passwords can be generally hidden and only be displayed when actually needed. If you are not at your workplace for a longer time you can have the data base locked. These security options are generally activated.
  • There are 3 different security zones (private, workplace, public). For each security zone you can adjust all settings and if you are for example at a different PC with a USB stick, you can make use of considerably more exact settings than at your home PC or workplace.
  • Furthermore we use technologies which avoid that certain programs which are relevant to security can be activated.
  • Besides the software is protected from external manipulations and in addition digitally signed.

 We are constantly searching for new security technologies, so that we are always up-to-date with the best available technology.

 Despite all these technologies it is important that an active virus protection is installed, because here normally all known software key loggers and destructive programs are cut off from the outset. This should be understood for every PC that is out on the internet. Like for all algorithms the use of a safe master password is very important, so you can forbid from the outset that someone can guess your password or find out by dictionaries (Dictionary-Attack) and Brute-Force-Attacks would take millions of years to calculate the password.

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