V7-Mobile-App iOS 16.1 Update



V7 mobile app crashes after iOS update and does not open.


We have to inform you that support for Password Safe version 7 has already been discontinued as of 12/15/2021.

The mobile app is incompatible with iOS 16.1 and cannot be used after the update.

Since we have stopped development for V7, there will be no more updates and fixes. In this process, the apps will also be removed from App/Playstore.

The V7 app does not include an export function. It is therefore not possible to read out the data after updating to iOS 16.1.

The only unconfirmed possibility we see to get access to the app again is a downgrade to an earlier iOS version.

Important: We cannot provide any support, assistance or guarantee success for this. Furthermore, the downgrade is done at your own risk.


Thank you for your understanding!

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