Set up 2nd factor (MFA) for user login


AdminClient, MFA, NativeClient, Login



 Users should use a second factor for login.



 Depending on which MFA is used, users will need the app to set up their key.



The first thing to do is to enable the use of MFA for the database in the AdminClient.

Open AdminClient:

  • Select the "databases" module (point 1).
  • Select the database and right-click to open the menu (point 2).
  • Open the database settings (point 3).

Log in with the database administrator:

In the database settings:

  • Select Multifactor authentication (point 1).
  • Select the required type (point 2).

Now open the Global User Settings in the NativeClient:

In the user settings:

  • Search for "Factor" (point 1).
  • Activate the option required second factor (point 2).
  • Save the settings (point 3).

At the next user login, the user will be prompted to set up his second factor.

To note, if the MFA is enabled globally, the next login will also require setup for the administrator user.

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