Automatic logon to SAP




Password Secure is to be used to log on to SAP.



The SSO agent is required.

If an external link is created for SAP from Password Secure, the "Cross-client login" option must be enabled.

The user needs the right to create new SSO applications.



Create a new SSO application in Password Secure.

Switch to the "Applications" module:

Select "New SSO application".

Name: free selectable

Description: freely selectable

Window title: freely selectable

Window title is regex: only if needed.

Application: sapshcut.exe

Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\sapshcut.exe

(for standard SAP installations. But please check).

Start Parameter: -maxgui -system= {field:SID} -client= {field:Mandant} -user= {UserName} -pw= {Password}

(If the template form SAP is used. Otherwise, please configure accordingly via the parameter editor (arrow image above)).

In the parameter editor the configuration in our example looks like this:

SAP automatically takes the set language at login, if the language for users should also be considered, the field must also be inserted.

Now save the application.

Now the credentials are created with the password template "SAP":

Create new password with "Select form" in the Password module.

Select SAP:

Enter required information and save:

Now link the credentials to the application by right-clicking on the password.

The application is now linked and can be started:

It can be created for SAP logon to an icon directly on the desktop.

Select the password and create an external link:

The message appears:

The icon can now be found on the desktop and logging on to SAP can be done directly via the icon.

The icon of the icon can be changed under Properties.

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