Add domain for login




The short domain name of the computer should be used for logging in to Password Secure.



User needs the right to manage the AD profile.

In this example, we assume that an AD profile has already been created and the import of users has already been performed.



Log in to Password Secure with the user and select the Organizational Structure module.

  • Open menu bar (point 1)
  • Select Manage Profiles (item 2)

  • Select profile (point 1)
  • Select open entry (point 2)

go to Other domain names and add the short domain name with the plus icon.

Now save the configuration.

Perform the manual synchronization.

Select the profile if multiple profiles are used and start the Synchronizations.

The successful synchronization is confirmed with the message.

The user can now log in to his domain account:

If the Native Client is used, the user account can be inserted by clicking on the icon.


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