Troubleshooting: WebSocket/Realtime connection

NOTE: This troubleshooting guide does only apply to the Web App of Password Secure


The websocket connection to the Password Secure realtime services could not be established.
This is indicated by a server message as shown below.



NOTE: All troubleshooting is performed using Microsoft Edge


Check the Browser Console for a more verbose error message

Open up the developer tools by pressing F12 on your keyboard.



Switch to the console, now you should see a more detailed error message.

NOTE: If you encounter exit code 1006, please follow the following troubleshooting steps.
Otherwise, please create a support ticket and include a screenshot of your console output.

1006 is a generic error code, but is most of the time related to a certificate problem.


Application Server certificate

Start the Password Secure Server Manager and login.

Navigate to File -> Base configuration

Check the connection certificate of your application server.
This should include the servers' hostname, FQDN or at least any other name that could be resolved by DNS.


Next, exit the backstage menu and navigate to WebClient.

Create a new web server configuration using the DNS record that resolves to your application server and is part of your certificate's Subject Alternative Names.


Generate the and proceed as with any regular update.


This should resolve your websocket/realtime service issue.

If not, please create a support ticket. 


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