Auto fill OTP/TOTP fields



An OTP token should be filled in automatically via the Browser extension.



User right: Can create new web application.



Add OTP field to passwords

  • Inside the Password record, a new column with a one-time password has to be created with "New form field".
    • Note: It is recommended to choose a simple field name, because it will be used again in the configuration of the application.


  • The "OTP secret" can be stored here via the "cogwheel symbol" of the created field.
  • After the "OTP secret" has been entered, a token must be generated manually using the "hourglass symbol".
    • Note: The token has a standard lifetime of 30 seconds in the Password Secure, this can differ from the lifetime of the website.


Create application via Browser extension

  • Capture an application on the desired website via the Browser extension using "Create application"

  • Add input fields with one click
    • Username / Password are mostly configured automatically
  • Configure OTP field as "Enter field name" and enter the previously selected field name

  • Save changes

Managing the application

  • Inside the "Applications" module, permissions and affiliations can be configured as usual

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